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New face of the German Harmonica and Accordion Museum

After a five-month closure of the museum, it has now reopened its newly designed permanent exhibition!

We would be very glad to welcome you there!

Reopening of German Harmonica and Accordion Museum from 11. May 2016

After the museum's permanent exhibition was modernly remodeled it soon will reopen at a new location.
From 11. May 2016 on the historico-cultural Hohner collection can be visited in „Bau V“ of the former Hohner plant
(Hohnerstraße 4/1, 78647 Trossingen).

Temporary closing of German Harmonica and Accordion Museum due to the move into the former Hohner plant

The Museum is closed from December 2015 until April 2016.

We will move the whole institution into the huge building "Bau V" within the former Hohner plant.

End of April / early May 2016 the enlarged and modernized museum will celebrate its re-opening.

Shipment of souvenirs and information all around history is still available in this “move period”.